The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.
—Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

For Any In Need of Repair is something of a work in progress. There are many people who have been through more than we would guess by simply looking at them, who carry with them struggles throughout their lives that no one necessarily sees or acknowledges. Some people are lucky and manage to find a way to get through whatever life throws their way. Others are not so fortunate and find themselves floundering. Either way, almost everyone picks up a few cracks, dings, or spots that don’t hold together quite right as they move through the world.

Here you will find a variety of musings about the repairs that have taken place in my own life, along with some of the events that have tripped me up along the way.

The Basic Facts

To give everyone a rough outline of what exactly goes on inside my head would likely be incredibly strange. There are lots of squirrels that should be on their wheels. Those wheels are on treadmills, don’t ask me why it works that way. The squirrels running  makes things work in my head, but quite often at least half of them are on break. I’m reasonably sure that a good chunk of the ones not on break are running in the wrong direction. Is is possible for them to run the wheels sideways? Because that’s what I see when I say they’re going the wrong way… So while showing everyone around terrifying confusion in my brain isn’t possible beyond posting on the blog, I’m sharing a bit of the more straightforward information there is to know about me.

The crazy rambling lady behind the keyboard is me! Erin, a young woman in her mid twenties. Just like all the other people in the world I am incredibly special and one in a million. So, there are quite a few of me out there. Guys, I’m cancelling this years report on us. Sorry, but all of us are too lazy to do all of it, and we all want to do the fun bits. Every single on of you gave an excuse to get out of writing the terms and conditions. All of us used the same damn excuse.

To get back on track – I grew up at the center of the universe, and have always been this strange. The only change that has been noticeable so far is that I seem to be embracing my oddity. There’s a very important dog in my life, who thus far has been unimpressed by very nearly everything I do apart from showing up, holding a leash, and offering food. The rest is for discovering as we go along.