Is something super confusing? Did I casually refer to something as though you should understand it when in fact you’re reasonably sure it isn’t actually a thing? There could be some answers here! Or not. Who knows.

I saw someone’s name! You’re talking about people! I’m a people, I don’t want everyone to know things about me!! 

Good point. That’s why everyone has a super awesome alias. That’s right, if I’m writing about my life and someone is mentioned by name, it’s their ultra cool spy name that they were arbitrarily given. Even though it sounds like a normal name.

How often will posts appear?

Hmm… Excellent question. Right now the goal is to make a magical post appear once a week.

What if there’s a question I want answered or a particular topic I want to read about?

Cool! Ask. Or, ya know, let me know. Basically communicate. There’s that contact button that is supposedly a way to reach me. Or it goes to Santa. No one knows.