Goals here are probably going to be much more short term and far less ‘Find the meaning of the universe and become one with all that I am’. I’m much more interested in short term goals here – and for amusement’s sake once I’ve reached a goal it will still be visible here.

If a goal ends up being something I’m no longer interested in, I’ll move it below the list. Something I manage will be struck through.

Without further ado – my goals.

  1. Figure out some damn goals
  2. Get back in school for… a thing
  3. Move out into my own place (not with a romantic partner)*
  4. Be a great puppy mom – like I will never consider this ‘done’ when there’s another way to spoil my baby girl.
  5. Run to the gym from my place without walking at all (2.5 miles)**
  6. Give away 1,000 cookies
  7. Work full-time


* Technically I moved in with my person being one of my two roommates. Separate rooms. It totally counts >.>

** Gym is now maybe five blocks away. I can run that. HA!


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