Goals here are probably going to be much more short term and far less ‘Find the meaning of the universe and become one with all that I am’. I’m much more interested in short term goals here – and for amusement’s sake once I’ve reached a goal it will still be visible here.

If a goal ends up being something I’m no longer interested in, I’ll move it below the list. Something I manage will be struck through.

Without further ado – my goals.

  1. Figure out some damn goals
  2. Get back in school for… a thing
  3. Move out into my own place (not with a romantic partner)
  4. Be a great puppy mom – like I will never consider this ‘done’ when there’s another way to spoil my baby girl.
  5. Run to the gym from my place without walking at all (2.5 miles)
  6. Give away 1,000 cookies
  7. Work full-time

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