Bucket List

This is a list of things that I want to do before kicking the bucket. Super original. Over the years I’ve managed to get some of them done, and I will try to provide the stories behind bucket list items that have been accomplished if anyone asks. Going through the list you might also notice that some of these are strange, childish, or downright dangerous (maybe even potentially lethal). This list is something I’ve added to and kept for years, and some of the additions aren’t meant to be accomplishments in their own right – some of them are silly, some are on the list to encourage me to live my life in an interesting way,  and some are simply arbitrary. Fair warning – this is not work safe (meaning if you are related to me, you probably don’t want to read everything on it. There, I warned you). If you’ve got something on your own bucket list that you think would be a good addition to mine, let me know!

In the order that I’ve added them (aka no particular order at all)

  1. Go Ziplining
  2. Ride a gondola
  3. Go to Diagon Alley
  4. Play twister with paint
  5. Have a tech free day
  6. Ride a hot air balloon
  7. Plant a tree
  8. Ride a camel
  9. Party until sunrise
  10. Take a hobby class
  11. Float in the Dead Sea
  12. See the Grand Canyon
  13. Give a Stranger a Christmas Present
  14. Jump off of a rope swing
  15. Go base jumping
  16. Parasail
  17. Visit a castle
  18. Experience zero gravity
  19. See the northern lights
  20. Attend a costume party in costume
  21. Fly in a fighter jet
  22. Love someone unconditionally
  23. Safe a life
  24. Drive over 100mph
  25. Go to college
  26. Graduate high school
  27. Graduate college
  28. Travel around the world
  29. Fly a plane
  30. Visit every continent
  31. Cross dress for a day
  32. Get a third piercing
  33. Get a tattoo
  34. Keep a journal for a year or more
  35. Get married
  36. Have two or more pets at a time
  37. Be part of a threesome
  38. Shoot a gun
  39. Watch surgery or assist
  40. Read a book cover to cover
  41. Sleep under the stars
  42. Have sex
  43. Break a bone
  44. Bungee jump
  45. Get in a fight
  46. Own my own home
  47. Learn another language
  48. Write a book
  49. Be published
  50. Be homeless
  51. Get waxed (legs, bikini, etc)
  52. Donate hair
  53. Get a job
  54. Run a mile without walking
  55. Go skinny dipping
  56. Own a horse
  57. Taste antifreeze
  58. Go streaking
  59. Be arrested
  60. Learn ASL
  61. Cut my own hair
  62. Put me first
  63. Fill a journal completely
  64. Donate blood
  65. Do free hugs
  66. Be in two places at once
  67. Run a marathon
  68. Go on safari
  69. Adopt someone
  70. Have my portrait painted
  71. Ride a mechanical bull
  72. Fill a photo album
  73. Swim with dolphins
  74. See a blue whale
  75. Have sex on bubble wrap
  76. Get on post secret
  77. Eat a bug on purpose
  78. Blow something up
  79. Have sex in a treehouse
  80. Have sex on an air-hockey table (while on)
  81. Have sex on a slide
  82. Start an orgy
  83. Collect a library
  84. Catch on fire and don’t get burned
  85. Kiss someone I don’t know
  86. Go commando for a day
  87. Join the mile high club
  88. Have a fling
  89. Compete in a spoken word event
  90. Fall and get back up
  91. Don’t speak for a week
  92. Go scuba diving
  93. Foster a kid
  94. Tell a friend the hard truth
  95. Faint
  96. Kiss a girl
  97. See an opera
  98. Do magic
  99. Gut and clean a fish
  100. Write something that makes people cry
  101. Write a song
  102. Learn to flip the pen
  103. Donate bone marrow*
  104. Read an entire book out loud
  105. Write a series of poems
  106. Ride an elephant
  107. Develop an artistic talent
  108. Ride a motorcycle
  109. Have a kid
  110. Fly 1st class
  111. Give road head
  112. Pick up a hitchhiker
  113. Hitchhike
  114. Walk on the moon
  115. Play paintball
  116. Fly a helicopter
  117. Feed a giraffe
  118. Play with Sea Lions

I have no doubt that more will be added along the way. If you see something in blue, I’ve done it! Check to see if there’s a link to the story behind it, or ask for the story!


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