TV Shows

Life – A rather odd take on a cop tv show. Throw in a little conspiracy, some good old fashioned framing and (of course) a ridiculously attractive partner. The dude is zen. But he isn’t attached.

Buffy – Stop after season 5. I mean, you gotta watch that sing along episode, but that’s the only episode that exists after season 5. No, seriously. Don’t do it.

Supernatural – NO SPOILERS PLEASE – I am behind but dammit I love this show.

Cookies. That’s not a tv show. It’s just late and I want cookies. Probably not going to edit that out either. It’s later. Not taking this out.

Law and Order – Most Flavors. Dun Dun.

Chosen – Currently staying up over an hour past when I need to sleep because I’m binge watching. Damn tv show. It isn’t what’s in the box, it’s WHO!

Leverage – Sure, sometimes I get a bit tired of Nate doing stupid stuff like overextending the team, or Sophie trying to con the team, but they’re a family dammit. Okay, so really I just love Parker. She likes heights and money.