Random Stuff

These are the extras without a home. The randoms that simply don’t fit in. Now everyone feel sorry for them. Good job! Now check them out because they’re really cool.

  • TheFitnessMarshal – This is a youtube channel that posts dance workout videos that are really fun.
  • Paw Prints Seattle – Anytime you need a little extra help with your pup, this is the place to go. Need to get your dog out for a bit more exercise? They do that. Going out of town and want someone to watch Fido? Why the hell did you name your dog Fido?? They’ll watch him, and even will refrain from upgrading his name. Really guys, this is who I trust my baby girl with. You know, Princess Stinky Butt, Goober, Miss Pooper (and I judge when a dog is named Fido….).
  • The Wash Dog – To keep the theme going, these guys are also great dog people! I always know that Dakota is in good hands for her nail trim that I don’t want to do when I take her here. Plus it’s affordable, and they remember her! She even likes them after the torture is over.
  • Puzzles – No, really. I’m just throwing this entire category in here. I love puzzles and right now I’m on a puzzle kick. Plus they’re exceedingly random for me to be talking about right now and this is the random stuff page. It fits.