Running Through the Mud

Most of us know what it feels like to wade through water. There’s an extra weight to each step, more effort in every little movement. Often it can feel as though the water is actively working against us – especially when we’ve got somewhere to be. Just now it feels as though I’ve got to make my way through mud each step of the way to even so much as get to the bathroom.

Okay, so I’m downplaying it. Holding my head up right now and breathing majorly sucks right now. I would also like to know who in the seven hells thought my skull was a good place to store sodden steel wool. I mean really? It’s heavy as all hell and it scratches at my brain in the worst of ways. The next obvious question is why am I making a blog post when feeling this wonderously craptastic.

Glad you asked! Well, glad I asked for you. I’m not really going to feel better in the near future. Slogging through mud is going to be my gig for a while, complete with extra exhaustion, piercing pain, and general gripes. Then there’s the fact that if I don’t give vent to the frustration from such a situation, I’ll end up doing something absurd. Like… crying over literal spilled milk. Then laughing at myself for crying over spilled milk. Basically it boils down to not putting everything on hold because I don’t feel good.

Since I seem singularly obsessed with mudcrawling today,  how about we go over some ways to cope when you find yourself in an unfriendly or unusually dense environment? No? Too bad – I’m the one with the keyboard just now. Guess that means I choose what to write about.

First things first – if you think you’re going through some unfriendly territory, or traveling through an menacingly dense substance, it’s probably a good idea to identify exactly what it is you’re dealing with. For the sake of, well… laziness, I’m going to only identify a few of the multitude of possibilities.

  • Mud – Sound Familiar? This is what I’m playing with right now. You can move, but those shoes keep nearly coming off, it takes a lot to get momentum going, and that squelching sound is just bad.
  • Water – Coming in waves of all sizes, water just never ends. It’s usually not too bad when you’re drifting aimlessly (or letting it pick the heading), but when you want to go anywhere, watch out.
  • Sand – This stuff just gets everywhere. At first you’re dealing with it in one, neatly sectioned off part of life. Then the next thing you know there it is in your shoes, joining you in the shower; and oh, what do you know, that’s some sand there in your hair. Don’t worry, I hear having an extra layer of grit is good for you.

Once you’ve identified your irritating substance there’s really only three options. Okay, well only three that I like. Stop being pedantic.

  1. Denial – This one is my favorite. Also, this is the first one I do even if I eventually go to another option. That squelch isn’t from mud, the wet feeling and splashing sound is definitely not water, and there is no way the tiny grains of broken down shell and rock are sand. Nope. Not a thing.
  2. Resignation – Sometimes this is all your can do. Apart from denying it. Just curl up in a ball and wait, hoping that eventually it’ll all work out in a way that isn’t totally awful. Usually this is not fun, and generally there is not enough ice cream in the city limits to make it okay.
  3. Flip the damn thing off – Okay, so I really like all of these options. Because yes. Flipping off whatever makes you feel awful is really satisfying. Which is why I intend to go flip my head off right about now.

To recap! Slogging through mud, sand, or water sucks. It’s part of life. You can be in denial, resign yourself to it, or get upset about it, ut we are all going to have to deal with it.


Tonight, I think I’m going to try out some denial through sleeping.





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