Blood Spreads

staining the hand that feeds
unacknowledged by the donor who
gives night mares in heat to me
taking the moist slice as though it didn’t hurt
Healing Hands splatter blood
hits my arms face hair
soaks in to stain my shirt
how much blood can she spare?
flushing the old hurts that festered unseen for so long
trying to heal what was ignored
Two a day draw blood that hid but
17 x 2/day works just as well
watch the woman normally a giant
so small down below
hands on hips trying to do right for her daughter
still three after thirty
Feeling the weight of age that her mother wishes to take for herself,
she is thousands of years old.
aged prematurely by cares not her own
taken on because she saw the need.


I wonder
is she me in years to come?
will I feel old too soon and lose my youth
who will care for her daughter
when she is dried out from
giving her love to all who need
I hope to age fast

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