Closing Arguments: Election 2016

As usual, Connor has found a way to say what I was thinking, only in a much more concise and well reasoned way. If you aren’t keeping up with this man’s astounding commentary on life, you should be.

Raikespeare's Corner

I’d like to issue some closing arguments for this election, late though they may be.

In 2012, I voted for Barack Obama, as a liberal, progressive Democrat. I didn’t have particularly warm feelings toward Mitt Romney, then; I thought he was an obsequious businessman who chose to pander to the conservative base. Had I known how closely the Republican Party was teetering on the edge of sanity, and how that loss would provide the catalyst for the absolute collapse of its morals and ideals, I would have looked back on Romney with far more charity.

I suppose I took for granted that candidates running for high office would have a basic respect for the mores and institutions that sustain a democratic society. I assumed that the breadth of the American public would reject shallow, hate-filled demagoguery and bald-faced authoritarianism. I supposed that parties – even the GOP – would have…

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